Attracting More Visitors To Your Online Store

Whether you are new to having an eCommerce website or your online store has been around for quite a while, everyone can benefit from an additional boost to get more visitors to his or her online store and eventually get customers to buy products. However, every prospective visitor is unique and there are a number of unique ways in which each of them can be reached. From marketing strategies like working with influencers, using social media and more, the proven methods below will certainly drive more visitors to your online store:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Your prospective audience is already doing quick searches on Google for similar products to yours. Therefore, all you are required to do is to find a way to become listed among the first online stores that show up for consumers in the search results. SEO is basically the process of capitalising on the number of visitors accessing your website. It uses certain efforts to get your website ranking high on the list of particular search results.

To guarantee that your SEO plan is a remarkable one, you should start by becoming knowledgeable of ‘keywords” and other critical SEO terms. Keywords are basically individual words or short phrases that make it possible for individuals to use search engines to locate your online store. It will take some amount of digging to find the keywords that are best suited for you because some are just more popular than others. The link between your visitors and the keywords becomes established when these short phrases are added to your SEO titles, headings, descriptions and throughout the pages of your website. SEO can take time to learn. If you would rather just pay someone, we recommend this Australian agency for your online store.

Maximize Facebook Usage

Recent studies have shown that before making a purchase, 75 percent of consumers look around on Facebook. That is enough reason to be active on this platform. Additionally, using Facebook provides a remarkable way in which customers can interact with you and be updated on all that is going on with your business.

Influencer Marketing

Using someone else’s network is a remarkable method of gaining visitors to your online store because it expands your reach. Collaborating with influencers on social media is an outreach marketing approach. Basically, influencers are individuals with established credibility in their respective industry as trend-setters. They typically create content on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook and have a large social media following.

Consumers typically take their recommendations seriously, particularly as it relates to their shopping experiences. This is because their advice is usually unbiased, relatable and honest. Research has revealed that seventy percent of millennials actually have a preference for product endorsements done by their “peers” as opposed to celebrities.


One of the quickest ways to get visitors to your online store is to pay for them. Fortunately, even business owners who have a limited budget can use Google AdWords afford to pay for some amount of advertising. AdWords is basically a pay-per-click advertising technique intended to attract more individuals to your online store. This indicates that you pay for your ad only when somebody clicks on it, calls your business or views your video.

There are a number of ways to benefit from this advertising strategy:

• Use Google search results to show your online store ads.
• Use websites, Gmail or in apps features to display banner ads or text.
• Promote the app for your online store across iOS and Android devices.
• Use YouTube to showcase your video ads and target visitors based on their demographics data or their interests.

Tracking the performance of ad campaigns and optimising them to increase your ROI is vital. In a number of cases, your campaigns are not identified by Google Analytics, which causes them to be less effective. To maximise ads tracking, you can equip your landing page URL with UTM parameters.

You should also set your pay-per-click budget prior to going live; this ensures that you will stay within your allotted budget.

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