Great Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Many people do not have effective communication skills. Now, this is a worrisome development because these skills are vital to success in the workplace. Again, business owners need first class communication skills to relate with employees and customers. Fortunately, these skills are teachable so you can always learn how to improve your communication skills if you make the effort. Below are some ways you can get better as a communicator.

Focus and Listen
One smart way to improve your communication skill is to focus and listen. Communication is a two-way street so you need to listen to what the other person is saying and understand it before you give your response. If you are very busy second-guessing the speaker or formulating your own response, you are not likely to communicate with the speaker. Focus on what the person talking to you is saying and you will improve communication.

Be Specific
Effective communication comes down to being specific. Do not go on and on without making a specific point. Express yourself clearly and briefly. Make your point and ask questions to ensure your audience understands exactly what you have said.

No Distractions
Effective communication means you should concentrate on one thing at a time. If you are on the phone, give the caller your full attention. Do not read or send an email while you are on the phone. Do not compose or send a text message while you are speaking to another caller. Concentrate and you will communicate.

Write Things Down
If you are in a meeting, you should not rely on your memory. Take notes and try summarising the contributions of different people at the meeting. In case you missed anything important, send a follow up email to get clarification. It is better to do this than to make assumptions that may turn out to be wrong.

Think Before You Speak
One way to improve our communication skill is to think before you speak. It does not make sense to say the first thing that comes to your mind. Think about what you want to say and express it the right way. Do this always and you will make sensible contributions and you avoid putting your foot in your mouth.

Ask for Honest Feedback
Effective communication is not a monologue. It is a dialogue and this is why you should involve your audience in the communication process. After making your presentation, you should ask for honest feedback. This smart move has two advantages. First, it helps you figure out if the listeners got the message. In addition, feedback makes you a better communicator because you might discover some things you overlooked from the feedback you receive.

Final Word
Nobody inherits perfect communication skills from their ancestors. You can get better at communication by using the tips above. Work hard, practice and make the effort because this is how to improve your communication skills.

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